Thursday Randomness

I am sick.  I hate allergies.  I love farmers, but I hate harvest time.  I love Prednisone.  I hate a sinus headache.  This is the corn field that is right behind our house:

Actually, our entire house and neighborhood is surrounded by a giant cornfield.  They cut corn this past weekend and since we have not had rain for weeks, lets just say that everyone in town is sick.  Seriously, our neighbors across the road and the neighbors behind our house all went to the Allergist this week with their kids.  My heart aches for those that have been affected by the hurricane, but I do pray we get a tiny bit of moisture here.  A good rain is just what all our sinuses need!

Today, Lucy came home early from school.  When she woke up I knew it was not going to be a great day.  Allergies.  Jack was so happy to have her home today.

And this little fellow must be watching the farmers because he has been obsessed with tractors lately.  Here he shows his friend Tip how to steer...

And here he practices driving Sam Harris's John Deere...

On a totally different topic...I bought this Zebra chair 2 months before Lucy got sick in 2011.  My plan was to create a seating area in my kitchen where the girls could cuddle up and read a book or do homework.  Up until this week there has been this random chair in my kitchen that was very uninviting.  Today I found this vintage yellow table and my seating area is finally starting to come together.  It's a small accomplishment but a project I have been anxious to complete for a while now.  I got it at a new antique store on our town's square.  I love our town's square.  It is chock full of quaint stores, tea rooms, a pottery studio, and a great coffee shop.  If you live in the area, I highly recommend coming for a visit.  While you are walking around you can enjoy the music that is piped in through speakers around the court house.  How fun!

Jack thinks my new table is a seat just for him.  He even went to get his Memphis blanket so he could snuggle and watch Ella study!  Check out my messy counter.  Wires from the new cable upgrade that haven't been hidden yet, crock pot from dinner (roast), picture frame that Jack moved so that he could have a seat and a box of papers and bills that need to be filed/paid.

Praying for a better day tomorrow.  Lucy started more medicine today, so maybe she can feel well enough to go to school.  We were on an 8 day streak!

Good night!

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