Weekend Wrap Up

I took the weekend off from the computer.  It wasn't really a planned hiatus, it just sort of worked out that way.  It's amazing how when life runs smoothly you get so busy!  We have learned a lot during the past 19 months, and making sure we don't ever over extend our family is one of them.  We will never put anything before our children/marriage.  However, with that being said I'll be the first to admit that just doing what seems to be the minimum these days can keep you burning the candle at both ends.  There's a balance in the middle of it all.  Trying to figure it out is just an act of trial and error I guess.  That and a lot of prayer.

We did make it to church this past Sunday.  It was only the 3rd time we have been to church since June 3rd.  It was so wonderful being there and I just loved the music.  Lucy sat in my lap and sang along as the choir sang "Thou Oh Lord," bringing tears to my eyes.  She has such a sweet, sweet spirit.  The pastor talked about preparation for future glory. His four main points were to trust Christ in the trials, love Him in the grief, rejoice in the circumstances and look for Him in the word.   It was a sermon I needed to hear, although I admit that it was hard to listen to.  I can be honest and say that I am in a pretty heated battle with the Lord on several issues.  I've got a lot of things I'm trying to reconcile myself with and I'm not thrilled about most of them.  As I've said before I find it easy, almost instinctive to throw myself at the mercy of God when all hell is breaking loose.  It's when I have time to sit and think about things, truly process what is happening, that the devil starts working his magic.   I'll work it out.

 Last Friday Lucy got a haircut!  It was her first, obviously, since she got sick last year.  She was very nervous about it and I actually sort of felt as if I was betraying her in some way.  I've not really ever discussed it here, but Lucy has large patches on her head where she will never be able to grow hair.  Ever.  Radiation can be thanked for that.  It's really bad and I dread having to explain it to her one day.  Right now it doesn't bother her and I am very thankful for that.  But between two surgeries and already patchy spots, she was in need of a shape up.  You can tell by the picture below that she wasn't just thrilled to be with Mrs. Sonyia.

She looks precious and even my friends who were mad at me for cutting it agree that it looks better.  I told her tonight after her bath that her hair looked nice and she said "I know."  Gotta love that girl!

Our refrigerator died last week so we had to buy a new one.  GROAN!  I would have rather eaten my foot than to spend money on a new fridge.  I was sick over it.  Jack, on the other hand, was thrilled.  Look at this face!

He took to the delivery guy/Sears owner like he was his own grandfather.  It was hilarious and strangely odd at the same time.  Jack followed him and his son around all morning with a socket wrench "helping" them and following every footstep.  I was worried at first, but this gentleman loved every minute of it.  Jack even got to explore the delivery truck.  He seriously cried when the man rode away.

I snapped this picture of Lucy and Hyatt the other day.  Don't they look so precious?  He is the most amazing little boy in the world.  He has a maturity that is beyond his years and compassion that can't be measured when it comes to Lucy.  I love this child as much as my own children.

If you have an extra prayer to lift, I'd like to ask that you pray for my sweet Ella.  She is really starting to open up to Erik about some things and it is clear that Lucy's illness has taken a toll on her.  I knew it had been hard, but the things she has told us is breaking our hearts.  It isn't fair for an eight year old child to fear the things she fears or hurt like she's hurt.  I have amazing children, but this one...well, she's special.

Thanks for loving my family and we appreciate your continued prayers.  Everyday is a challenge, but everyday is a gift!

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