Eat at Chili's for Lucy

This child is a miracle.

My heart overflowed with joy as I watched Lucy receive her Bible at church today.  It wasn't but a few months ago that I was planning her funeral.  Today, she stood with 14 other children and accepted the Bible from which she will learn to read, understand and memorize scripture.  What a beautiful day.

Thank you God for your healing grace.  And thank you all for your prayers.  Thank you also to everyone who donates money to St. Jude.  Without you Lucy would not have had a chance at life.

Tomorrow, September 24th, is a big day for St. Jude.  Tomorrow is the day when Chili's restaurant will donate 100% of its net profits to the hospital where my daughter got a second chance at life.  In 2006, Chili's  pledged to raise $50 million dollars in 10 years.  With the money that Chili's has donated to St. Jude thus far (over $41 million), St. Jude was able to build and equip the building where Lucy received her radiation treatments and her stem cell transplant.  We spent 4 long, hard months housed in the Chili's Care Center.  It's an amazing facility and became a comfortable home away from home for our family.

If you live close to a Chili's, please eat there tomorrow.  Lunch, dinner...both!  Dine in or carry out.  Either one.  Just please do your part to help support St. Jude.  I borrowed this image from the Chili's site.  This is just a tiny sample of every day expenses for a child at St. Jude.  A child like Lucy.

Every Donation Counts

Every Donation Counts

Every dollar donated to St. Jude makes a difference. See how your contribution can help a child in need.

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.  Chili's is doing its part.  Are you?
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