Ella Turned 9

(warning....picture overload)

Ella turned 9 and the Tigers played.  50% on the day ain't bad, right?  Ella's birthday was amazing but the game could have ended on a better note.  Oh, well.  We don't love the Tiger because they are good.  We love them because they are ours!  At least we have basketball.  And...if we can't win the game we might as well win the tailgate!
We started the morning with a Lego Friends birthday present extravaganza. She is totally obsessed and I think its precious.  She built a huge house and worked on a vet shop with her Daddy all morning.  After lunch we headed to Memphis to tailgate before the first game.  And tailgate we did.  We had a wonderful time with all our friends and children.  Birthday cake, BBQ, chips and dip.  Believe it or not it's just exactly how Ella wanted to spend her special day.

It was as hot as blue blazes and I worried that Lucy was going to wilt.  Thanks to a smart-thinking Daddy, we had a TV and the Wii stored in the truck for this very reason.  I think all the kids were thankful for an air-conditioned reprieve from the heat.

If the scorching heat wasn't enough, a massive storm found its way to the Liberty Bowl Stadium.  Most of our group hunkered down below the bleachers, but Erik and I grabbed Lucy and ran.  Thankfully we didn't even feel a drop and even had time to pick Jack up from the sitter's before the bottom dropped out!

Thank you Rebecca for being the life saver this past Saturday and Jack had a blast harassing your kitten Buttercup!

Happy Birthday sweet baby girl.  I can't believe you are nine years old.  When you read this one day I want you to know how incredibly proud I am of you.  You are the most loving, caring and brave little girl I know.  Your heart is the size of Texas and your compassion for those in need is inspiring.  I love you Ella and I am so honored to be your mother.

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