Fun Friday--How Do You Feed Your Family

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This week we are discussing how to feed your family.  I'll start by saying that I love to cook.  I always have. I started baking in my mother's kitchen when I was really young and even cooked a whole Thanksgiving dinner-minus the turkey and dressing- when I was about 11 or 12.  I am not kidding.  My baby brother had severe asthma and my mother sat in the living room, rocking him and giving him breathing treatments, while talking me through the steps.  Sweet potato casserole was the dish that I made from that time on for every single family holiday meal.  I still do!  Is it any surprise that Ella asks for it at least twice a month?

I hate to grocery shop.  I really hate to bring the groceries in from the car.  I go for broke when it comes time  to unload the van.

Unfortunately grocery shopping is just a part of the whole package.  You gotta do it.  I make it a rule to never take my kids with me if I can help it.  I'm very fortunate that there is usually a Daddy around here who is willing to hang out with the kiddos while I fetch the vittles, but I promise that those rare occasions when I have to take a kid or two I spend a lot more money.  Kids are pretty persuasive and I'm pretty weak. I try to always have a list and I try to only go once a week.  I can't say that either happens all the time, but I try!

I'm going to assume that at least half the people that read this blog have to prepare dinner each night for at least 3, probably more, people.  When Erik and I were first married my mother and I used to discuss that it was hard cooking for 2.  I always cooked way too much, but it was hard making homemade meals in smaller portions.  Those days seem like a distant memory now that I cook for 5 every night.  And yes, I do try to cook every night.  Wednesday nights we eat at church and every blue moon we take the family to our favorite Mexican dive.  I am not a fan of taking 2 year olds out for dinner.  EVER!!!

Preparing meals is fun for me and I love coming up with a menu.  Here are a few of my kitchen favorites:

I love this built in bookcase in the kitchen.  It houses my favorite cookbooks and magazines.

We eat a lot of vegetables and chicken.  My children have always eaten healthy foods, so I am grateful that that hasn't been a battle.  Since I can't eat anything with gluten I try to avoid those foods for dinner so I'm not cooking 4-5 different things to make everyone happy.  Thank goodness for Quinoa--it's been a God send.  Pasta is now becoming a part of our meal time again.  The girls were really missing spaghetti!

A typical week's schedule would go like this:

Sunday- a soup or casserole
Monday-crock pot night
Tuesday (our busiest night)- leftovers
Thursday- try a new recipe
Friday-grill with friends
Saturday-I never plan this day!  You never know what might come up :)

I don't know that this post was necessarily helpful, but you now have a glimpse into the kitchen-life at the Krull house!

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