Labor Day

9 years ago-2003- I spent Labor Day in labor!  I was induced at exactly 40 weeks on Labor Day.  I had a very loving OB who agreed not to make me suffer any longer.  God bless her.  So, Labor Day will always hold a very special and literal meaning in my heart.  We started this Labor Day off with a very lazy morning.  Ella spent the night with my parents and I am told that she was up at 6am.  She and Pops (my dad) went out for breakfast and then to Home Depot where they bought lumber and supplies to make a Lego table (post to come later.)  They worked all morning while Erik and I hung out with the other two at home. 

When it was time to get moving, we shed our PJ's and traded them for swimsuits then headed to my parents for a day of Ranger riding, swimming and BBQ.

When Jack swims he says "kick, kick, kick" over and over to himself.  I guess he's heard me say it so many times that he thinks he can't move without reminding himself what to do!

Ella got to open a few birthday presents and we had more cake.  

Jack even got to ride the Backhoe, which he hasn't stopped "talking" about since.  "Dirt" is what he keeps saying.  I love it!

My brother and his girlfriend were there and so was my sister.  I'm the oldest, so I'm like a momma hen when we can all get together.  It makes my heart full.

The girls caught (and released) a turtle and then our day was done.  It was a wonderful Labor Day holiday.  I hope yours was as well!

Here are some interesting facts about Labor Day that 'm sure you were dying to know:

  • The holiday originated in 1882 as a result of the labor movement and was intended to be a day of rest to recognize the efforts of the average working man. 
  • The first Monday in September was designated as the holiday because the day occurred halfway between Independence Day and Thanksgiving.
  • The recognition of Labor Day as a national holiday for the working man came about as a result of a law signed by President Grover Cleveland. 
  • Labor Day was originally celebrated with large public demonstrations of workers banding together, usually in the form of rallies and parades in the streets. 
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