Tuesday and Thursday afternoons have become "PT with Mom" days.  Lucy is finally strong enough and has gained enough weight to really start working on physical therapy.  Unfortunately she has maxed out all of her insurance coverage for the year and we can't afford the $400 a session that it would cost out of pocket. So...our sweet Hogan is keeping Jack and I am putting on a new hat.  Physical Therapist!  PT with Mom is going to be fun and I am looking forward to working with Lucy one on one.  I'm very excited about watching her become strong enough to stop using her walker.  One of our local elementary schools has a great playground that we hope to utilize when the weather allows.

Today my mom and I made a trip to Memphis.  I can't even remember the last time the two of us made a non-medical related trip to the big city.  It was so nice spending time alone with her and we had a great time hanging out and doing a little shopping.  First on the agenda.....

Yes.  Yes I did.  I had my first PSL of the year and it was divine (although I think my taste buds have grown to love a sugar free syrup a little more.)  Oh, well.  It was nice to smell the spices and now I really long for some cool, fall days.  According to the local weatherman, those days may be coming in the near future.  I'm sure crossing my fingers!

The most important reason we went to Memphis was to purchase food for the new food pantry that the Go Lucy Go Foundation (applying for 501(c)3 status as we speak) is creating.  This food pantry will be located on the 7th floor at LeBonheur Children's Hospital and I know it is going to be well received.  There are so many families who will benefit from this food pantry.  Eating at a hospital is expensive and many families are forced to eat vending machine food every meal.  My heart has been so heavily burdened by this and I can't wait to get this food delivered.  So many people are going to receive a daily blessing from this food.  Thank you all who ran in the Go Lucy Go 5k or who donated money to the race.  The food was purchased with some of these funds and you should take pride in the role you will play in feeding these families.  

As an extra bonus to my wonderful day, look what was waiting on me when I got home....

It's here!  My anticipation is getting the most of me as I look forward to sitting down and filling in the little boxes with events, birthdays and to-do lists.  Oh!!!  It's like the first of school with all new school supplies.  Didn't you just love getting a new box of crayons?  I sure did.  Best feeling ever!
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