A Special Fun Friday-Halloween Edition

Happy Halloween!  We are doing things a little different today.  I wanted to give you all a chance to show off your fun Halloween creations.  Although Halloween can be a bit controversial for some Christians, we have always chosen to participate by dressing up and trick or treating.  We keep our costumes cute (nothing scary) and never talk about the other connotations that Halloween may have.  My children don't need to know about all those yucky thoughts and images.  To us, its just a fun time to dress up with friends.

Our church has a wonderful festival every year and the kiddos look so forward to it.  It is always held the Wednesday before Halloween, so most years we just spend the evening with our friends.  In years past I have made a big pot of chili and then we have met our friends for a little trick or treating in our neighborhood.  There is usually a trip to the grand and great parents' homes and sometimes a few other stops along the way.  But mainly we just hang around our 'hood and let the kids play.

This year our church festival is tonight, so our Halloween activities will primarily be focused around Fall Festival.  If you don't have something special to do, I invite you to come check it out.  You can visit our website for more information. (First Baptist Church, Covington)

I don't have a lot of pictures to post yet, as we are stuck in the hospital room.  I will post pictures of Cat Woman and my baby chicken later this evening.  For now, here is a picture of the world's cutest octopus!

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