Another Day Here

Well, we are wrapping up another night on the 7th floor. Thankfully everything major has been ruled out. Head CT looked good, CSF was clear, and nothing has come back from blood cultures to be of concern. Lucy probably was just the recipient of a yucky stomach bug and she's just had a little harder time fighting it than most. She is receiving lots of fluids and an antibiotic through her IV.

My sweat husband brought my computer down tonight and I planned on spending some time on it after Lucy went to bed. I was going to go through pictures of our summer trips that I haven't even blogged about and then I wanted to spend some time writing on the blog in general. So here I am, computer ready, brain in gear and the computer network is down at the hospital. Oh well. Maybe this is Gods way of making me take advantage of this chance to sleep.

I am praying we go home tomorrow but I worry that is a bit optimistic. Until Lucy can keep anything on her stomach, she will have to be here with fluids. To be honest, as sick as her tummy is right now I don't even want to take her home. I just know that she will be so upset if she misses Trick or Treating and our church's Fall Fest. I can't recreate the church event, but neighbors listen up! Lori, Mrs. Sharon, Mrs. Smith, everyone in the hood....we may be trick or treating later this week. Don't get rid of your candy and decorations too soon!
Lucy with Aunt Tracy and our new friend from the 7th floor

In all seriousness, I know Lucy is where she needs to be. We will stay as long as they deem necessary. Today I was glad I was here. I met and visited with an amazing family whose 4 year old, blond hair beauty just had surgery to remove a large brain tumor. I'm not sure what their future holds as far as a treatment plan, but I do know that their angel was given a great start for fighting this past week. I feel honored to have met them and I'm grateful our paths crossed.

The mom told me today that she had read my blog right after Lu was diagnosed. She said she remembered thinking "I can't imagine ever walking in her shoes." She never, in a million years, thought she would be here today. That's how life works though.  I believe that God uses our whole lives to ready us for big events so that when we are confronted with the task, we are prepared to handle it.  Maybe not for everyone in every situation, but I feel that's what He did for me.  I told the dad tonight that 1 week or 1 month or 1 year down the road he would look back on things and realize that God had been working in their lives to prepare them for this journey.  Even now, I can look back on the past 15 years and see that my life has played out like an unbelievable story.  So many circumstances and situations have played a part in readying us for this stage in our life.  Even today, I feel as if this family and my paths crossed for a very specific reason.  I just hope I was able to offer even a tiny bit of encouragement or support.

I'll never understand cancer and I'll really never understand why it happens to children.  People often say that when you get to heaven all those questions you had for God would be forgotten.  After the hell on earth that I have lived, I'm not sure I believe that.  I'm pretty sure I'll at least have to ask "Why children?"  I'm thankful there is a heaven and I'm thankful my spot is secured.  Questions or no questions, I know that this world is temporary and there IS something better.