This is us after 3 doctor appointments and a very close call with another ER visit. I must have seemed like a lunatic when I was crying and literally begging the doctor not to send us back!

I love Jack's "team" that we met with today. We met a new NP at the ENT and she was great. Thanks Ann!!

Jack will be having his adenoids removed ASAP, but nothing can happen until his asthma is under control. Albuterol every 3 hours, another round of Prednisone and a major antibiotic for a month. We can do this!!!!

On a totally unrelated note...can anyone tell me if I can easily switch one laptop screen for an identical laptop screen? Is this something we can do on our own? My hubby is pretty handy and can follow directions. Any words of advice? My computer is on the brink again and if i can switch screens then ill have a "new" computer.

Thanks again friends for the encouraging words today!