Dentist and a Little Fear

It's wasn't so much fear of the dentist that almost ruined my day, but rather the vomiting and headache that Lucy had yesterday morning. It's the worse phone call in the world. She bounced back after about an hour or two and we are blaming some yucky sinuses for it. At least that's what we are praying.Today Lucy is great and has had a very busy day.

A little fear to remind you what's important in life! All this on the morning that two Child Life Specialists and Lucy's psychologist came to our school. They gave a wonderful, age appropriate presentation to the kindergarten and first grade classes about brain tumors. I was so glad to have them here and I am so very thankful that St. Jude provides this resource. One more reason St. Jude rocks!!

We did keep our appointment with the dentist yesterday. No cavities for either, which considering all that Lucy has been through, is a miracle in itself. Once again, our God (through Lucy) defying the odds!