Fun Friday--Tell Us How You Save Money

OK, I have to BEG for your forgiveness.  We were supposed to do a tour of homes today.  Unfortunately, I spent 2 days in Memphis for doctor visits and well, its just not going to happen.  But I promise to do it next week.  If you've already written your post for the tour, then save it for next week and consider yourself one step ahead of me!

I also wish I could tell you that I have a ton of nifty money-saving ideas to share with you guys this week.  To be perfectly honest, just getting to the grocery store these days is a huge success.  Trying to cut coupons and shop the bargains would probably be enough to push me right over the edge!  Around this house we have been just "existing" for so long that we haven't spent a lot of time focusing on saving money.  We are praying that things continue to go well for Lucy (and the rest of us) so that we can start concentrating more on those types of issues.  So, here's to hoping you guys have some great pointers to share with me.

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