Hey St Jude and a Fashion Show

Have you seen this new video that St. Jude created?  It's really neat and I encourage you to check it out!


This weekend will go down as one of the best we've had in a very long time.  Besides a busy Friday, it was just a low-key, restful weekend, chock-full of hope and encouragement.  All three kids were asked to model in a fashion show last Friday night.  Ever happy to show off how beautiful my children are, we loaded up the horse and carriage and made our way to the big city with our fancy clothes.  The event was at the Children's Museum of Memphis and it really was an honor to be asked.  All three of my babies looked beautiful and Ella, especially, felt like a million dollars.  Jack ended up being the attention-hog the most.  He loved the stage and did not want to leave!

Jack getting ready for his big debut

Baby Cora, Lucy, Jack, Ella and Baby Baylor (these two babies are the newest members of my family)

Lucy with Ema Li, who came to live with her mommy and daddy when she was almost 2.
 She is the sweetest child and I am so thankful her parents had the heart for adoption.  

My first cousin, Kelly, and her new baby Cora Faith.  Kelly and her sister, Baylor's mom, had babies about 6 months apart just like me and my sister.  Oh!  I wish my sister lived closer to me.  

Last night, God blessed me with the biggest dose of encouragement.  Our church started Awana two weeks ago, and I feared it would be just one more arena in which Lucy would struggle.  She proved me wrong last night and God humbled me with my lack of faith.  First of all, Lucy recited John 3:16 from memory.  That's not exactly the shortest verse in the Bible.  Not only did she memorize it but she could explain it.  Wow!  I was so proud of her.  If that wasn't enough, two little girls from her Kindergarten class came last night for the first time.  I was so shocked to see them and nearly hugged them both when they walked in.  Lucy was equally excited and instantly they started talking.  Today at school there was an evident carry-over of this shared experience as the girls connected on a "deeper" level.  Thank you Lord for Emma and Ann Marie!

( If you are local and want your kids involved in something really awesome, please come check out the Awana program at First Baptist.)

I hope this video blesses your heart. I have watched it at least ten times today.

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