Tonight I am praising God for...

1.  The answer to prayer we have received with Lucy's new PT and OT through the school system.  Tuesday was her first day and she had a great time.  She worked hard, but still enjoyed it.  After we were done we grabbed a mini Sonic blast and headed home.  She shocked me, and thrilled my heart, when she wanted to go straight outside and play.  She bounced back and forth between riding her bike, hitting the softball, kicking the ball and just walking.  She was a 6 year old enjoying being outside.  She felt almost "normal."

2.  The vision I have of Lucy sitting at the dinner table at church tonight laughing and playing with her friends.  What a complete reversal from last week.  Thank you God!!!

3.  The three healthy children pictured below.  Ella and Jack had well child check ups today and got two hearty thumbs up.  Lucy was up to 42 pounds and apart from the flu shots that everyone had to get, we left the doctor with no hiccups.  That, my friends, is cause for celebration.

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