What Happened?

Wow!  Can I say that I didn't even realize I had forgotten Fun Friday until my favorite neighbor, Mrs. Smith, mentioned it to me yesterday.  What!?!?!  Seriously, folks.  It was that kind of week.

Things are beginning to look up at our house.  Jack seems to be feeling much better and we are all sleeping a little more.  I still have a Prednisone monster on my hands and that's been hard to contend with.  Jack needs the meds., but man!  He is CRAZY!  One more day......

Last night Erik and I snuck away for a fun "night-on-the-town" with our other favorite neighbors.  It was just us four and we had a wonderful time.  If you know much about Memphis, you know that The Rendezvous is world famous for their ribs.  I think I enjoy the atmosphere and the saucy (no pun intended) wait staff more than the food!

Speaking of food...

I sure wish I would have enjoyed my dinner.

Oh, yes.  I was a piggy last night and I enjoyed every single minute of it.  Here's to getting back on the right track and back into the swing of things!

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