Another Surgery

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Jack had surgery this morning.  I didn't mention it to many people, not even my baby brother (which I feel really bad about).  I sort of figure everyone is tired of the medical drama that surrounds us every day.  That just seems to be the card that has been dealt our way lately.

Jack had his adenoids removed this morning, but is doing great this afternoon.  I was up at 4am and in the car headed to the surgery center in Marion, Arkansas by 5am.  I prayed all night that Jack would be peaceful when he awoke because he usually wakes up crying for a bottle and he wasn't allowed to have anything this morning at all.  God answered that prayer and he was a perfect angel.  He did get a bit fussy about ten minutes before surgery, but quickly settled when we opened the window blinds and he was able to watch the cars go by.

He is resting well now and thankfully this procedure has a very quick recovery time.  Our hope is that by removing his adenoids Jack will be free of the chronic sinus infections that seem to haunt him right now.  If it works, this little procedure will be one of the best things I've ever done for him.

I also wanted to mention that Lucy has her scans next week.  These are the 3 month routine scans that are done at St. Jude.  She will have a full MRI with and without dye contrast.  I say "routine" as if we are going for some standard checkup.  There is nothing routine about a scan that checks your brain and spine for signs of cancer.  This new world of cancer that we live in is so crazy.  As my mom said today as we passed St. Jude, I still have to pinch myself sometimes to see if this is all just a bad dream.  A nightmare, really.  Ella is suffering from some pretty nasty anxiety these days and I told the doctor yesterday that cancer doesn't affect just the one who has it.  It has changed our whole world.  None of us will ever be the same.  Have I ever mentioned that I HATE cancer?  Well, I do.  But I sure love my family.  Sick, tattered, broken...I love them more today that I did yesterday.
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