Fun Friday-Thanksgiving Celebrations

How do you celebrate Thanksgiving?  Well, we spend lots and lots of time with our family.  In years past we would eat lunch at my parents then hop in the car for a 5.5 hour drive across the state to visit Erik's family.  The past two years have been different, though.  Lucy just hasn't been up to traveling.  It's really been sad for many reasons, but we mainly just miss his family so much.  Since his sisters are spread across the East coast, we seldom get to see them.  Missing an entire holiday only makes its harder.

This year, we just spent the day with my family and came home for a Thanksgiving dinner of deep fried chicken and left over sides with our best friends the Williams.  It was a lovely way to end a special day.  Maybe that will be a new tradition; 2 years in a row so far!

But what I really love about our new holiday tradition is serving dinner to families at LeBonheur.  You can't ask for a more meaningful way to spend your holiday than this.

So, what do you do to celebrate?  I'd love to know.

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