Oh, Christmas Tree!

Nothing ushers in the Christmas season more than putting up the family Christmas tree.  My mind seems to turn more towards Christ this time of year and it is my goal to make that the case with out whole household.  Yes, we are doing the Elf this year and yes we "believe" in Santa clause.  But, most of all we BELIEVE in God and his only son Jesus.

I hope that this Christmas season will be filled with the hope and peace that only Christ can give.

Here is a little history about the Christmas tree that I found online tonight:

 About the year 1500, Martin Luther, inspired by a snow covered fir tree, brought a small tree indoors and decorated it with candles in honor of Christ’s birth. By the 18th century, the custom of decorating a Christmas tree was well established in France, Germany, and Austria. Thus, the Christmas tree represents the original Tree of Paradise, the burning bush which spoke to Moses, the branch of Jesse from which Jesus was born, the life-giving tree of the cross of Christ, and the tree which St. John the Apostle saw in the Book of Revelations whose leaves have medicine for the people and which yields fruit each month for the healing of the nations. Because it is green year-round, the evergreen tree represents hope. Its needles and its narrow crest point upward, turning our thoughts to heaven. Because the tree is cut down and then erected again, it is a symbol of Christ’s resurrection. 

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