Tomorrow Is A Big Day

Lucy and I spent 8 hours at St. Jude today. She had a wonderful day...amazing all the doctors and therapists along the way. She really has come so far in the past 2 years.

Tomorrow she has a full MRI (brain and spine). It will last about 2.5 hours total. To clear up any confusion, what she had before Thanksgiving was an emergency 2 minute head CT to rule out a shunt problem when she was so tired. We thank you in advance for your prayers tomorrow.

Tonight is the dreaded "night before scans." In the past you might have found one of us knee deep in a bottle of Xanax (joke). But tonight was different. After two long years we are learning to breathe. Tonight it was no TV, no iPads or iPods. Just us. A family.

God has carried us this far, we have faith He will continue to do so.