What Happens?

What happens when you take 4 beautiful children to see Santa Claus and forget to put the memory card in your camera?  You miss out on the priceless moments of 4 children seeing Santa Claus.  Ugh.  How frustrating.  Since the kiddos were out of school this week my mom and I decided to meet up with my sister and niece and had pictures made with Santa.  Jack did awesome; Maddie not so much.  If only I had the pictures to prove it....

Here is the picture I took of the picture I bought.  What a loser I am sometimes!

We had such a nice day today.  No one was in a hurry, no one had an agenda.  It was really, really nice.  Every now and then you just need one of these days.  I figure I don't have much more time with Ella and her "believing" so we took advantage of a group picture this year.

Lucy is doing great this week.  She is still battling fatigue, but overall she is dramatically improved from last week.  Erik and I are doing a lot of soul searching, trying to figure out the best thing for Lucy when it comes to school and PT.  She has GOT to get back into school full time.  I know she needs the PT, but school has to become a priority.  If not, we are going to get ourselves into a mess.  These decisions are so hard because you feel like you can't make the perfect decision.  You can look at her little eyes in the picture below and see that she is tired.  Bless her heart.

We have been decorating and getting ready for Christmas.  The girls have their Christmas lists ready and I'm almost completely done shopping.  I told you I was working on that procrastination issue.  I even have most of the house decorated for Christmas already.  Here are two of the trees I got done this past weekend.

We are into the Christmas spirit full swing at our house.  I have brought Erik with us, kicking and screaming, but the rest of us are greeting Christmas with reckless abandon.  We have so much to celebrate and so much to be thankful for this year.  Praise God for our lives right now.  Life isn't easy, but wow!  Look how far we have come.

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