While I missed the race Saturday, my heart will forever be thankful to all of you who ran.  THANK YOU!  I never in a million years imagined that I would know so many people running for the most precious reason of all.  This was never supposed to be our life, but I am so thankful to the group of friends below who rose to the challenge.  You guys made me so proud.  Love you!

We are guaranteed nothing in this world.  This is a fact that has become too clear to me over the past few years.  But what I have learned, through this hell, is that life is worth living.  Every minute, every day.  Life is worth celebrating.  Even the smallest victories, achievements and goals met.  My friends who ran the race---I hope you celebrated well.  You deserve it.

Today I am celebrating the victory I have in Christ.  As we celebrate the birth of Christ my prayer is that each and every one of you knows him well.  Tonight I am full of Christmas spirit.  The REAL spirit of Christmas.

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