Beyond the Manger

Beyond the manger, stood a cross.
Awaiting him the awful cost.
Born to die and save the lost.
Beyond the manger, stood a cross.

These words are from the closing song of our Christmas program. What a poignant reminder of why Jesus even came to earth to begin with. He came for one purpose and one purpose alone. To die on the cross for a world that was lost in sin. And while we are still sinners, we have a promise...we have hope...of salvation.

Because of this hope, I believe with all my being that those children who were senselessly murdered are at the throne of God now. They are safe, they are whole.  I would never begin to know how the families of those that lost children are feeling. I can selfishly say that I don't even want to try. I've come as close as one can to losing a child and it is sheer hell. I only pray that those parents know Christ. Because let me tell you, HE is the only way you can find peace in this situation. Even through the anger, the fear, the hatred and the mourning our God has promised he will never leave nor forsake us. I can tell you with all certainty that in my darkest days, in my days of greatest doubt, my Jesus was there holding me.  I will offer my support through prayer, as my heart is broken and my mind is struggling to comprehend this evil.  

Over the past two days I have read and heard countless people say that they were holding their babies closer tonight.  I understand that tragic circumstances often make us more mindful of our good fortunes and families.  I just want to offer a reminder that tomorrow is no guarantee.  Be it a wreck, a medical diagnosis...we just don't know.  Yes, hold your loved ones tight tonight.  But then do it again tomorrow night and every night after.  Tomorrow is not promised.