Christmas at LeBonheur

This year's Christmas dinner at LeBonheur was probably the most meaningful and emotional dinner we've served yet.  I spent time visiting with our friends and their son Connor.  They are currently living on the 7th floor, although their time there is fleeting.  Their precious 5 year old is dying of a rare brain disorder and every time I am with them I feel as if my heart is torn in two.  When I get to heaven one day, I have one question that I want to ask Jesus.  "If you are going to take children from this earth, why do you allow them and their parents to suffer."

I know I have no right to ask that question and the reality is that when I cross over from this earth I wont even remember that question.  However, in my worldly state of mind its a question I can't seem to shake.  Being a momma and watching your baby die or watching another mother with a dying child is more than the humna mind or heart can comprehend.  I know they would appreciate your prayers as they navigate this horrible path.

We were able to serve over 150 plates and gave away over 100 presents.  We set up a portion of the toys we collected in the family room and allowed the children throughout the hospital come and choose a gift.  It was really neat watching them walk in--their eyes wide with excitement.  The little boy in the picture with me below single handedly help collect over 80 toys!!  Thank you Brooks for your precious heart and soul.

The pictures that follow only tell a small portion of the story.  This dinner blesses lives.  No, it doesn't change anyone's circumstances and it can't take away their hurt, but it does make the moment better.  And as a mom who's been there, sometimes a moment is all you need.  Just a moment to feel better.  Thank you all for donating and helping make this dinner possible.

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