A Look Into Our Life-Day 1

I thought it would be fun to remember what a week in our life was really like.  In a few years I'll look back on this and think "Wow!  We really did make it through."

So, day 1 starts on an abnormal Monday since we had the day off for school in honor of Dr. King.  Everyone but Ella and Erik (who had to work) slept until 8:00.  Let me just tell you that that NEVER happens.  Ella enjoyed waking up before everyone else and felt like quite the big girl being downstairs alone. While I enjoyed my sleep, the type A in my can't stand to wake up behind the curve ball.  I really struggle with my love for sleep and insane need to be in control of my day.  If I haven't had a shower by 7:00 or if I have to shower after all the children wake up I feel as if I spend the rest of the day playing catch up.  Thankfully, Ella is old enough to watch Jack and Lucy while I quickly try to make up for lost time.

And when she's not playing with Jack, she is busy making mechanical masterpieces.  That brain of hers is something else!  (and so is that hair)

I spent a little time yesterday morning organizing my coupons.  It's something I'm gradually getting into.  I'm trying to pace myself and not get too carried away.  I'm in no position to become an extreme coupon-er, that for sure!

After lunch, when Jack was down for a nap, our friends Madison and Mary Leslie came over to play with the girls.  As you can tell from the pictures below they did a lot of makeup and nails!

I took advantage of the babysitting and headed out to the grocery--its was my first real trip with coupons.  I saved about $30 and was very pleased with myself.  What I wasn't happy about was the fact that Kroger didn't have any grocery sacks.  Seriously.  They are a grocery store!!  I had to pile all my groceries into produce boxes.  It was a bit frustrating to say the least.  

Ella typically has tumbling on Mondays, followed immediately by basketball practice.  I get dinner ready and Lucy and Jack a bath before Erik and Ella come home.  After dinner, it's homework time!  Here is how we spent our down time Monday night.

Oh, Monday.  How I loathe thee sometimes.  

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