A Look Into Our Life -Day 2

Here's a look into a typical Tuesday for the Krull family:

Wake up for school.  Dang it if we didn't over sleep!  Once again, the whole tone for the morning was set by losing those 20 minutes.

After I took the girls to school, Jack and I made our way to Home Depot.  A new dishwasher was on the agenda.  I am just sick over it.  I would have thought ours would have lasted more than 7 years.  However, the horrible smell of a burning motor proved otherwise.  I was miserable the whole time..I hated spending the money.  Jack on the other hand, well, he had a ball!

After we got home I let Jack ride his bike inside for a little while.  23 degrees in West Tennessee is frigid.  For those that don't have humidity, let me promise you that a wet cold is worse than 3 below in a dry climate.

After Jack's nap it was time to go get the girls from piano.  Tuesdays are going to be interesting because both Ella and Lucy started piano today.  This means that Jack and I will be doing a lot of waiting around on Tuesday afternoons.  They both loved it and I think they have a natural ear for it.  I have played piano for as long as I can remember and I'm really excited they are both learning.  

After we got home I cooked dinner and Jack snuck into the sticker drawer.  Have you ever tried to peel a book of stickers off of a tile floor?  Fun times!

After dinner, both girls couldn't wait to show off what they had learned at piano that day for Erik.  We had a night full of "music" and Jack was quite intent on joining in the fun. 

Before bed there was a small improvement project that involved a piano bench and Jack's screwdriver.  I just melt when he copies his Daddy.

To round off our night, Ella practiced her tumbling right before bed.  She has mastered her standing back handspring and has also conquered her fears of a running, round-off back handspring.  We are so proud of her.  I'll try to post video of her next session. 

See you tomorrow!

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