Family Tree

This post is one that is totally for me and posterity.  Several years ago I scanned a bunch of old family pictures and recently found them on my hard drive.

This is where I came from.  This is where my children came from.  My family isn't perfect, but I am so blessed to be part of it.  I am grateful for my heritage and so thankful for the Christian ancestry that my family shares.

 My father's parents.  This is my grandfather with cancer, the one that is always loving on Lucy.  He worked 2 jobs until he was almost 40 to support his family.  He is the epitome of success from hard work.  My grandmother is so pretty in this picture.  The toll of raising 4 boys and building a family business from the ground up doesn't show in her eyes yet.  This precious woman sacrificed so much for her family.  

My grandmother is sick right now.  She is having a heart cath Thursday and I'll admit that I'm worried about her. Please keep her in your prayers. 

My mother around 2 years old.   

 Oh my goodness.  Isn't my grandmother beautiful?  This is a picture of my mother's parents.  Jack was named after her father,  E. Keller.  I never met my grandfather and my grandmother died right after I graduated from undergrad. I have many fond memories of my grandmother and miss her so much.

This is a picture of my Daddy.  Mr. Everything in high school.  I just love him!

 Another picture of my grandfather. 

Wow!  My mother's high school senior picture.  She is a knock out. 

So, there you have it.  This is my family, or at least part of it.  I wish I had pictures of Erik's parents.  One day when we are visiting, I am going to scan as many as I can.  Just like these.  I want my children to know about their past.  I want them to understand that their heritage is very rich in love and faith.  

Has anyone ever researched their family tree?  If so, did you use an online service?  I sure would love to do that one day!  

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