Has It Come to This?

This past week it was brought to my attention that someone out there in cybertopia is stealing my family.  Not only that, but they are stealing my memories and pretending to live my life.  Seriously.  Who does that?  I have reported this person to Blogger and I ask that if you see this happening you will let me know immediately.

I am going to be adding a watermark to my pictures from now on.  I hate the thought of it.  Honestly, its hard enough for me to get a simple blog post done each day and now I have to add one extra step.  It really, really makes me not happy.  Anyone have any suggestions on which software I should use?  I've never even tried this before.

Also, if you ever send a donation please make the check out to the Go Lucy Go Foundation.  Our address is P.O. Box 448, Covington, TN  38019.  I will NEVER ask that money be sent to anyone else or to another address.

Thank you to everyone who has kept up with our family and who genuinely cares for all of us.  I hope you all remain a part of our "family" for years to come.  But sir/m'am, if you are reading, please stop.  Please don't pretend to know what's its like to have your family torn apart after a devastating childhood disease.  Please don't mock the heartaches that we have suffered through and the joys that we begged and pleaded for.  I promise, you don't want my life.

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