Missing Child!!!

1-14-13  Chelsea has been found and is at home with her parents.  Thank you for your prayers.  Please continue to pray for them, as there is much healing to be done.

I do not know any more information than what I am sharing. I think that this case is considered a run away. Either way, there is a mother who is desperately missing about Her child. I can't tell you why this has not garnered media attention. Please understand that I am only trying to spread the word.

Hey guys. A friend of mine has a teenage daughter who is missing. Her name is Chelsea Ingram. She attends Myers Park High School in Charlotte, North Carolina. She was last seen in the Arboretum/Rea Road/ Colony road for anyone who might be familiar with that area. She was last seen at 7:00 Tuesday morning.

Please notify authorities immediately if you have any leads that would return this beautiful girl home to her mother.