Once Again

Once again I find myself playing catch up.  Blogging, cleaning, taking down Christmas decorations.  Seems to be the way of life for me.  I'm going to cut myself some slack on the decorations since I actually have until, January 13, the first Sunday after Epiphany, to take them down.  As of posting, all but 3 trees are down.  Everything else is put away.  So, that has to count for something.  Did I mention that I WAY overdo it when it comes to Christmas?

Today I also gave myself-rather our family- a break. One of the lessons I have tried to learn over the past two years is to allow myself to live without fear of judgement.  Today....we didn't go to church.  Instead, we let the kids sleep late and enjoyed a peaceful day in our pajamas, spending time together as a family.  It was everything I had hoped it would be.  God was there.  In the details.  In the joy moments of watching the kids play, laughing at Lucy dancing to Wii Dance Disney edition, in her funny little way of moving.  God was there.

Then, to round off a wonderful day, my dear friend Tricia came to visit.  We became good friends right after college, when Erik and I attended church in Memphis.  We have always stayed in touch, but not like I had hoped we might.   Life happens.  I think we will try to do better.

I wanted to get a picture with her today (it was the only reason I took a shower) but I completely forgot.  Thankfully my OCD organizational skills paid off today, as I was able to go back on my computer and find pictures from 2006.  This was one of the last pictures we had made together.  We were skiing in Colorado.  Fun times!  Love you sweet friend!

Ella had her first basketball game this weekend.  From what I saw she did great.  I hear she played defense very well.  I wouldn't really know.  This was my job during the game...

Erik and I were also able to sneak in a much needed date night this Saturday.  Anyone who reads this blog knows I am an avid fan of musicals.  My precious husband, and our friends Amanda and Nelson, all tagged along to see Les Miserables with me.  It. Was. Amazing!  Like, ugly cry and sobbing amazing.  Look, I even wore my glasses in preparation. 

The rest of the weekend consisted of lots of snuggling, something I can't seem to get enough of lately.

I guess the only question I would have at the end of the day is this.  "If he can bring me a diaper and the box of wipes, all on his own, does that mean he's ready to potty train?"

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