What Have I Done?

After church today we went to eat at my parent's house and I snapped this perfect picture of Jack. I will be getting this one framed for sure.

I know I still have to post a Day in the Life for Friday and Saturday, but I had several deadlines I had to meet today.  As of today, the budget has been submitted for our 501(c)3 approval, a marketing plan has been written for the next few months of our school's expansion and I have organized and purged a ton of pictures from my hard drive.

Speaking of purging...Oh my goodness.  What have I done?  I just stepped WAY out of my comfort zone and now I'm freaking out just a tiny bit. I just couldn't look at the screen any longer.  Yes, there were tons of emails I never got around to returning but they had to disappear.  Do you have any idea what staring at 2000 emails a day does to a person with a strong type A personality?  Well, they are gone now.  If you ever asked me an important question and I haven't responded, please resend it to me.  I'll do my best to respond.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend.  Have a great week!