A Very Bad Word

Headache.  The word that will always send panic through my soul.

It's been a long, hard week.  Here in West Tennessee the weather has been at it's worst.  71 degrees on Tuesday, 21 degrees today.  No wonder Lucy's teacher called me to come get her today.  Jack has a nasty cold and now Lucy seems to be falling in line.  Erik and I think its a barometric pressure headache.  Online research shows that most surgeons don't agree with that theory, but lots of mommies do.  I tend to trust the mommies.  Anyone have any comments about that?  It sure might help me rest a little easier.  By the way, we went back and did some weather research and the last time Lucy had one of these bad headaches there was an 18 degree shift in weather the next day.  Hmmm....

Did I mention that the girls went to the duck blind their Pops last weekend?  It was so sweet to see how excited they both were.  Its funny, but I think Lucy was the most excited.  Ella learned to use a turkey call, too.  Yep, we are going to end up with country girls despite their Daddy's best efforts.  Tomorrow is the Juvenile Hunt and Erik and my Dad are taking Ella.  I'm taking Lucy to the LeBonheur Tea Party, but I think she would rather go to the duck blind!

The rest of the week has just been busy!  Running here, running there.  Someone told me last night that I did too much.  I told them that it kept my mind from wandering to places it doesn't need to be.  Like worrying about headaches.

So, does anyone want to start the Fun Fridays again?  I'd love to do it, but didn't know if there was any interest.  Leave me a comment and let me know.  Here's to a happy weekend!

**Don't forget to register for the 3rd Annual Go Lucy Go 5k.  It's going to be the best race yet!  Spirit Runners can just order a shirt to show your support for Lucy and the Foundation.  Go HERE.

**If you ordered a Tervis Tumbler through Paypal, they will be shipped at the beginning of next week.  I had hoped to ship them tomorrow but two sick kiddos took precedence.  Haven't ordered yours?  Well, follow this link to purchase yours.

We have also added a Germantown location to purchase a Tumbler:
Trust One Bank at 3100 Forest Hill Irene Road Please ask for Kristie Graves.
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