Birthday Roundup

Birthdays are a REALLY big deal around our house.  Long before Lucy's got sick, we celebrated each birthday several times.  There was the day of celebration, the classroom party, the big birthday party, the family birthday party.  You get the picture.  

These days we really celebrate.  We have learned through tears and many prayers that life truly is worth celebrating.  We never take a single day for granted and we are sure to never overlook the importance of each passing year.  My heart has been so full this past week marveling at how far Lucy has come from her birthday celebration 2 years ago in the hospital.  God has been so good to our family.  His graciousness and mercies have been our salvation.

(yes, those are newly pierced ears.  Her birthday present from her Mommy and Daddy.)

So, this Sunday we wrapped up Lucy's birthday extravaganza with a lunch with my family.  Erik's parents were able to be there, too, which made it very special.  Celebrating with friends is very special, but there's nothing like the love of family to remind you how very blessed you are!

Erik's Aunt and Uncle from Wisconsin.

Happy Birthday Lu-bear.  I love you more than you will ever know.  
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