We Made It

Well, we made it to Colorado.  It's been an interesting trip so far.  Jack started getting sick the day before we left and he's sort of gone down hill from there.  There have been a lot of sleepless nights for us all.  I'll just be real honest and say that traveling with a sick baby is the pits!


Ella is having a blast skiing.  She is so much stronger than last year and it shows.  Isn't she beautiful?

Lucy has been very emotional since we've been here and after a little prodding I realized she was really upset that she couldn't ski.  She cried, I cried, Erik cussed.  It really isn't fair and my heart is broken for her.  Thankfully there are lots of extra things to do here in Winter Park.  Tonight we went bowling and she had a blast!  I think we had found a new hobby for her.  Look at this face after she made a strike.

I'll be posting when I can.  After all, we are on vacation :)

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