Almost There

Thank you all for the encouraging words you left about our video.  It was definitely spoken from the heart.

My girls and I would like to say "thank you" to everyone who has donated to their school's St. Jude Trike a Thon.  The event is tomorrow and everyone is very excited.  If you have not made a donation and would be inclined to, we sure would appreciate it.  Helping Lucy and her friends at St. Jude is the best donation you could make!  Go HERE to donate.  (we are $600 away from meeting our goal.)

Lucy's eye appointment went well the other day.  Ok, "well" might not be exactly the right word but it could have been worse.  It seems that the generalized fatigue that Lucy deals with on a daily basis affects her eyes, too.  In the morning she appears to have almost perfect eyesight and then by mid day she has deteriorated rather quickly.  She is also having some problems with her tear ducts and that causes her eyes to remain very dry throughout the day.  Dr. H is going to try Lucy in glasses but she can't promise they will help.  She won't wear them all day, just only when she needs them.  Training Lucy to realize when she needs them will be the hard part.

Its interesting.  Lucy loves her hearing aids and has never complained once about wearing them.  When Dr. H said she was going to put her in glasses, Lucy was mad.  Like, really mad.  I'm hoping that if they help her see, like her hearing aids help her to hear, then maybe she will grow to like them.  As you can see below, she quickly changed her mood when I bought her an ice cream sandwich for lunch.  Yes, lunch.  Mom of the Year right here, folks!

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