Gentle Reminders

I wallowed in self pity for most of the day today. I cried a lot. Really, like a whole lot.

Lucy is fine (medically.). We are just having to make some hard choices right now related to school. Please just keep us in your prayers.

But tonight I want to share with you something that has me torn apart. It served as a great reminder that I'm not the only one in this world that is suffering.

A sorority sister of mine and her husband (who was a fraternity brother of Erik's) had a little baby boy last week. They knew he would be born with half a heart so they have been preparing for a really rough road ahead of them. Caleb is his name and he is not doing well.

Please stop right now and pray for Caleb and his parents. Our lives have been sustained by the prayers that have been sent up for us on a daily basis. I am confident that your prayers for Caleb, Ashley and Zach will be heard.