Special report....if you are local, Fox 13 News will be running a 2 part story on Lucy, her story and the Go Lucy Go Foundation this week. The first part will run on Wednesday at 9:00 and then will run again during the Thursday morning news. The second part will run Thursday night at 9:00 and then will run again Friday morning. I will try to link to their website once it goes live.

We are still recovering from the race. My body feels as if I ran a 10k! Ella had a softball game tonight and Lucy has her turn tomorrow on her honorary team. Ella is trying out for a spot on the local competitive tumbling team tomorrow night and then there are two more softball games this week. We are gearing up for our school's Spring musical. I'm directing the drama and Ella has one of the lead roles. Wow! We are busy.

I am absolutely loving life right now. All this busyness feels so "normal." Thank you Lord Jesus for this amazing blessing.