Be Still

This picture will forever be etched in my mind and a part of my soul.  This week has been hard.  I'm still having a hard time pulling it together but each day is getting better.  Last night at church, my friend Annie took Jack outside to play and then sent me this picture.  I want to be like Jack.

All I see when I look at this picture is God's mercies shining through the clouds.  Those rays of sun seem to be God welcoming Jack, who is running with open arms.

My mom said that when she was a little girl she thought those rays of light were God speaking.  I wonder what He said to Jack?  My guess is that whatever he said, Jack heard him.

That got me to wondering if I would hear Him.  I am begging God for answers but I don't think I am allowing myself to listen to His response.  How will I ever hear if I don't stop trying to fix my own problems.  Ugh!  I'm obviously a slow learner.

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