Good News

So I've been pretty down lately.  Sometimes its hard to look on the bright side of things and I seem to be easily discouraged these days.  I thought it would do my spirit good (and maybe yours) to share a few good things that happened today.  Lucy had a day full of appointments at St. Jude and we started our day very early.  Audiology was first for a hearing aid check.  Lucy has decided she hates them and refuses to wear them.  After that was an eye clinic visit where the doctor said Lucy's eyes looked much better and her glasses seem to be helping.  What a relief!

Next was a cardio test that is being used in a research study that will hopefully help children in the future who follow the same protocol as Lucy.  Lucy thought this was fun and loved the little stationery bike.

Later in the day she had a psychology visit and I'm happy to report that Lucy is making wonderful progress expressing her emotions and feelings.  This is a huge step for her and I'm really proud.  Our last visit of the day was to ENT where we got another great check up.  I left the hospital today very thankful and feeling renewed.

Lucy thought the best way to celebrate was with a little Scooby Doo and Starbucks.  I love this girl!

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