Love; True Love

True Love.  That's what my grandparents have.  It's what we all want.  It's the kind of love that lasts a lifetime--the kind of love that you dream of as a little girl.  I had the wonderful opportunity to sit with both of them today in the ICU.  Just us three.  All day long.  It was probably one of the best days of my life.

I watched my grandmother sit by his side and hold his hand.  When he was agitated and scared, she would whisper to him and calm him.  She would try to sleep, but every time he moved she jumped.  She prayed over him and cried.  We all tried to get her to go home tonight and she wouldn't budge.  The nurse told her, "Mrs. Rose, you need to go home tonight."  She replied, "How long have you been married?"  When the nurse answered "5 years," my grandmother said "Well, I've been married 65 years and I'm not going anywhere."

Erik and I don't have a perfect marriage.  Every day we work hard; that's what marriage is all about.  But we love each other and we are committed to making it work.  Lucy's illness has been hard on us.  The divorce rate of parents who go through a child's illness is alarming.  With God's help, we will one day be married 65 years just like my grandparents.  I love you Erik.  Thank you for all that you do for our family.

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