My Happy Place

I've said it probably a million times, but when I am on the water...any water...I find my happy place.  I never feel closer to God than when I am off of dry land.  Something about the peacefulness of the water, the breeze that always seems to come just perfectly.  I catch myself saying breath prayers over and over thanking God for His beautiful creation and the blessing of being in His presence.

Sometimes I wish I had water in my back yard like my parents.  They have a beautiful lake that reflects the sunflower field when it is in bloom and the gorgeous sunset every night.  Oh, to wake up to that site would be more than I could handle.

One of my best friends sang the Laura Story song Blessings this Sunday at church and it was simply amazing.  I had to leave when she was done because I was crying so hard.  It was the perfect reminder, and God knew I needed one more than ever, that blessings really do come in so many shapes, forms and other mysterious fashions.  When I am on the water I feel blessed beyond measure.  Every day, however, I am making it a point to see the blessings in every aspect of my life.  I hope you are, too.

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