What Just Happened?

OK seriously.  I've been through a lot in the past few years.  I, unfortunately, grew fairly accustomed to unexpected turns of events and late nights at St. Jude.  Today, I can tell you I was not prepared.  Our quick appointment today lasted over 4 hours and resulted in blood work, lots of antibiotic and a surgery planned. Needless to say my head is still spinning.  What in the heck just happened?

Lucy has some urology issues that we are going to be dealing with AND is scheduled for surgery Monday week to remove a piece of residue left from her central line.  Apparently her body has finally decided to start rejecting this foreign matter that is lodged in her chest and is mounting up a nice response in the form of an infection trying to get it out.  So...lots of antibiotics for us and surgery.  It will be outpatient and should be no big deal, but dang!  School just started and we are already pounding the pavement to Memphis and back.

As I left St. Jude today I was keenly aware of how insignificant this issue is and what burdens so many others are carrying.  So, I have whined all I'm going to whine and now its time to move on with an immensely grateful heart for all God has done for Lucy and the miracles in her life.  

For example. she made it to first grade with flying colors!  All three kiddos were super pumped about the first day of school and can't wait for this year to get underway.  I'm excited, too.  I have big dreams and expectations for this year for all three children.  My prayer is that they will all succeed in their own ways, in the ways that God has planned.  I know full well that my children are going to do wonderful things in their lives.

**On a totally random note, our family has decided it's time to get a puppy.  It will be an indoor/outdoor dog.  We are concerned about some allergy issues, but mainly want a great family dog.  One that can grow old with us and one that will take to be "loved."  We looked into some of the designer breeds (mini golden/labradoodles, cadoodles) and unfortunately those are a little cost prohibitive.  We are thinking more along the lines of a Collie now.  Any opinions?  Suggestions?

This little girl was not happy with me last week.  Apparently, EVERYONE has a puppy except her.  Look at that "mean" look I was getting!**

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