Final Scan Update

Lucy and I had another full day at the Jude today.  She had her Renal ultrasound and got great news from that.  Her BUN and Creatinine levels were also better.  She had a PT evaluation and did really well.  She impressed me with how far she had come in the last 6 months.  Lucy did an exercise where she had to stand with her feet together and hold out her arms.  I know it sounds like no big deal but 6 months ago she could only hold it for 8 seconds before she lost her balance and she couldn't even do the exercise with her eyes closed.  Today she was able to do it for 18 seconds!!!

We met with Dr. W today to discuss Lucy's scans.  I am so thankful, relieved, grateful....  We got an "all clear" but we found out that the brain bleed is back.  We aren't sure what is going to happen with this but we will follow up with Dr. B next week.  I am praying that whatever we do involves NO surgery!

I am so glad to have this week behind us.  Sleeping at night is almost impossible the nights before Lucy's big scan.  Many, many nights over the past 2.5 years I have prayed myself to sleep.  Tuesday night was one of them.  I find myself begging with God every 3 months.  I know I shouldn't but as a mother it is only natural.  I know God knows my heart.  He knows my fear but He also knows my gratitude.  

Tonight I am full.  Full of gratitude and praise.  
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