Unexpected Curve Ball

This week I have signed on to subsitute at the girl's school all week.  Jumping into a full time work week has been quite an adjustment.  Our mornings are more stressful, our nights are more stressful and I go to bed exhausted and way too far behind on house work and my other volunteer projects.  Kudos to all you working moms out there.  The shoes you wear are awfully hard to fill!

While I was teaching today, Lucy's teacher came and found me and told me that something seemed to be wrong with Lucy.  She said Lu had stumbled and fell several times, was dizzy, had a headache and her eyes were blurry.  Immediately my heart sank to my stomach and I made the call to Dr. B.  We were instructed to head straight to the ER at LeBonheur.

While we know Lucy's last scans showed no sign of cancer, the brain bleed that is present has been a steady concern.  I think we were all convinced that this morning's symptoms were related to an increase in brain pressure due to the bleed expanding.  Thankfully it was not.  Her labs also came back clear so there was no explanation to be found down that alley.

We don't know what caused her symptoms today, but her scans were stable.  The bleed had not dissolved but it had also not grown.  We are going to continue to monitor her for any more symptom reoccurance.  Today was another reminder that our lives aren't normal yet and we still have so many unknowns in front of us.  As Lucy's mother, I have to stay on my toes at all times; ready to react in a moment's notice.  While I feel like I am far from Wonder Woman, there is one little girl who wears the crown well....

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