Weekend Recap

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This has been a wonderful weekend.  It was a weekend full of soccer, football, cool weather and grilling.  Today we spent the afternoon at the Safari Park and all three kiddos had a blast.  We drove through the safari and we were able to feed the animals from our car.  The camels were a little strong and took our feeding buckets and the ostriches were down right intrusive.  We quickly learned to roll up our windows when they came around.  

 Jack slept half way through the drive until we couldn't stand it any longer.  We just had to wake him up so that he didn't miss out on all the fun animals.  I'm so glad we did because he loved feeding the reindeer.

When we were finished with the driving portion, we got out and walked around for a while and looked at monkeys, goats, tortoises, zebras and the largest reticulated giraffe I've ever seen in my life.  He was HUGE!  It was so nice just to have a family day today.  Even though Erik was a bit sick, he was such a trooper to hang in there for the team!  We are gearing up for a big week of tests and school activities.  Lucy starts spelling tests this week and I'm a bit nervous.  These are the academic challenges that will demand a lot of our time during the week.  But with God's help, she can do anything she puts her mind to!

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