I've been doing some more "conversing" with Ella.  Be sure to visit the Dove website to get your conversation starters that can be a huge help when talking with your daughter.  

Cousins.  Sweet, precious cousins.  Born 6 months apart.  Jack and Maddie.  The little embodiments of my sister and me.

I love watching these two play together.  What they have is more like a love/hate relationship.  Thankfully, their love/hate steadily grows into all love the older they get.

If Maddie had been the only other child at Jack's party he would have been as happy as could be.  He hardly played with any of the other friends at his party.  The only one he cared about was Maddie.  I had a hard time doing anything else at the party other than taking their pictures.

Jack and Maddie.  This is the love that only cousins share.  

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