A Week of Thankfulness

While I haven't forgotten about Thanksgiving, I am beginning to really feel the pressures of Christmas mounting up.  There are the presents to buy, the food to make, the unnumbered events to attend and this year (because we don't have enough on our plates) Erik, Ella and I will be performing in our church's Christmas program.  Did I mention that the trio is all there is?  No other actors.  Just a tiny bit of pressure.

 Jack is thankful for Momma's boots.  He said my boots were hard to walk in.  

In an effort to really like our my Thanksgiving this season, and not completely blow through November as if it doesn't exist, I am journaling my daily #daysofthanksgiving on Instagram.  I have found myself snapping more pictures and acknowledging the things and people I am thankful for several times throughout the day.

At night we are filling up our Thankful Tree with everything we are thankful for.  I love hearing what the children have to say as we eat dinner as a family.  Jack has us laughing each time; dinosaurs, trucks, racecars.  It dawned on my tonight during our homemade potato soup dinner that he was actually rattling off his Christmas list.  Oh, well.  He's only 3.

I try to live a thankful life and most day I think I succeed.  Yes, we've been given some unexpected and possibly "unfair" situations to handle but I can honestly say that I at any given moment I am totally aware that things could be worse.  Isn't that something for which I should always be thankful? Tonight I am thankful for 3 well children at their well child check ups.  My children's health has never meant more to me than it does now.

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