I'm Not a Blogger

I struggle with it daily.  You know, the pressure to be a "blogger."  "What if I don't write daily?"  What if people stop reading?"  Those are the questions I ask myself everyday. I just can't keep going through this self questioning on a daily basis.  

First of all, I'm not a "blogger."  I am a mom who chronicles our life for posterity through the median of blogging.  Secondly, if I'm worried about blogging all the time how can I possibly be the mother I need to be on a daily basis?  A lot of days I have time to blog.  A lot of days I don't.  Some days I would have to give up mandatory time with my children to write a post--just for the sake of posting.  I'm just not going to do it.  So, I hope you will stick around and read what life has in store for the Krulls.  I know God has big, huge plans in store for all of us and I'd love to share those details with you.  I just can't promise you will get a daily update :)

This weekend we spent lots of time together as a family.  It was one of the best weekends we have had in a very long time.  Friday my mom and sister and I had a girls day filled with Christmas shopping and lunch!  Oh, I had so much fun!

Saturday was dinner at Huey's and then the Memphis Tigers game--followed by Fro Yo!

Sunday we celebrated my dad and sister's birthdays.  I just love it when my crazy family gets together.  (I lost the charger to my camera battery so all my pictures have been iphone lately.  My new charger came in the mail today.)

Happy Birthday to the world's best Dad and Sister!!!!!

If you would, please be in prayer for Lucy.  She goes for scans Dec. 3 and it's not too soon to start interceeding on her behalf.  I know that so many of you still pray for her although I don't ask for it on a daily basis.  

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