Thanks at its Best

Today was filled with lots of thanks and a few tears. Jack's class had a pow pow and he had a total meltdown. Bless his heart he just didn't want to participate
 While the other kids danced around the tee pee, he sat in the floor and watched. I asked him later why he didn't participate and he told me there were too many people. I guess he is going to be my shy child. 

Lucy, note other hand, had a blast being a pilgrim while enjoying the Thanksgiving feast at school. Erik, my mom and I got to eat lunch with both girls today. It was such a fun time. 

I just wrapped up my night by baking 2 cakes, assembling 20 bags of turkey toes and hand addressing 35 Thanksgiving cards!  Wheh!  What a day!

No matter how busy I was today, I found a thousand things for which I could be grateful. God has been so good to me!