Father Christmas

This weekend we took advantage of the festivities around our town square and had the kiddos' picture made with Father Christmas.  Each year our town transforms the shops and courthouse into a Dickens period town (19th century Victorian England.)  It is such a very unique idea and its worth a trip just to see the amazing costumes everyone wears.  It is truly a wonderful event.  

Since Saturday was actually the only day all month that we didn't have 560 things to do, we spent some time walking around town, doing a little shopping and drinking hot cocoa.  The best part was the visit with Father Christmas.  Later that night Erik and I attended our Sunday School Christmas party and had a nice time visiting with lots of our friends.  

Tonight we checked off a huge item from our Christmas "to-do" list.  Erik, Ella and I were the only characters in our church's Christmas program.  We were honored to be a part of such a moving evening.  Our choir sang amazingly and we had a packed house.  I'm quite sure acting isn't my thing, but I guess we did OK.  Erik was compared to Tom Hanks (ha) and Ella, of course, was a natural on the stage.  We have been working on our lines and practiing for several weeks.  I'd be lying if I said I wasn't glad it is behind us.

This week is going to be nuts.  I sat down today and make a to-do list and a timeline for every single day this week.  Jack has his school Christmas program Tuesday and the girls' is Thursday.  Monday night is our city Christmas parade and both girls are riding on a float.  That leaves Wednesday--which is also already accounted for with church and Christmas City (an awesome light display in town.)  Sometime in there I have to get the set design finished for our school's drama club which performs 4 short skits on Wednesday.  Whew.  I'm tired just thinking about it.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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