Too Old for This

Warning: this is an awfully whiny post.

So how many times have you heard people say "I'm too old for this?"  It usually applies to raising children, dealing with grandchildren, get the drift.  For me, today, it's hospitals and sickness.  Erik and I say all the time that Lucy's cancer took at least 10 years off our lives.  I am really feeling it these days.  Since before Christmas Lucy has been battling this eye infection.  We spent another day at St. Jude today meeting with doctors and reviewing treatment options.  They are saying that it is probably staph so we are having to treat it aggressively. Thankfully we squeaked by again today with no hospital stay.

My best friend Amanda went with Lucy and me today and we stayed in a doctors office for 6 hours today.  I appreciated so much that the doctors understood my concern.  We met with oncology, infectious disease and opthamology.  Everyone that entered our room took the time to listen to this stressed out, worried and anxious momma.  They all understood the past history and were all working together to come up with the perfect plan for our sweet girl.

We will be going back to St. Jude at least 2 more days this week. What a way to spend our last week of Christmas break.  I know it could be a lot worse.  We've lived a lot worse and today I was reminded that too many children are living the worse right now.  I have so much to be thankful for but sometimes its easy to get bogged down in the moment.

Two days after Christmas another little girl from our town named Lillie got diagnosed with bladder cancer.  She has a good prognosis but a long road ahead of her.  Please pray for her and her family.  As you can imagine they are very scared right now and are just trying to comprehend what is going on.  There are still decisions to make concerning her treatment but they know they are in the best hands at St. Jude and in the only hands that matter--God's.

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